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Identifying Prospects Created with GoToWebinar

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
The GoToWebinar connector lets you seamlessly register attendees for events, report on attendance, and display and score activity, all from within Pardot. Pardot has two ways of identifying prospects who converted via a webinar: the connector's campaign and Pardot form conversions. Which method you use and the level of detail you'll receive depends on how you allow attendees to register for webinars. 

Attendees Register Through GoToWebinar

If your webinar attendees register through GoToWebinar, you can identify prospects who converted by the campaign that is assigned to the webinar connector. All prospects that are created via the connector will be assigned this campaign. Use Pardot's campaign reporting to see which prospects converted on your webinar campaign. See How are prospects associated with campaigns? to learn more about how Pardot campaigns work. 

Prospects Register via Pardot Forms with Completion Action

If want to report on attendees that convert on individual webinars, you'll need to use Pardot forms and completion actions to register attendees. Using a Pardot form for webinar registration will let you know exactly which webinar a prospect converted on. 
See Registering a Prospect via a Pardot Form for instructions on creating a registration form. To report on prospects converted on a form, simply view the form's report and click the Conversions link. You can export the prospects as a .csv file, or use prospect table actions to add tags, add them to a list, and so on. 

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