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This article defines each account setting. Pardot admins can update account settings by clicking the gear icon () in the top right, then clicking Settings. Click Edit to make changes.

Account Setting Description
Company* Company name
Website* Company website URL
Tracker Domain* Tracker subdomain used with Pardot.
Address One*† Company's physical address
Address Two† Company's physical address, line two. This is typically used for suite or floor numbers.
City*† City of company's physical address
State*† State of company's physical address
Zip*† Zip code for company's physical address
Phone* Company phone number
Fax Company fax number
Country Company country
Default Time Zone Time zone for the account. Time zones for users can be edited individually. See Editing User Information for more.
Locale (Currency) Allows you to set your account's default currency.
Honor Do Not Track (DNT) Header Allows you to change how Pardot deals with "Do Not Track" settings in prospect browsers. See What does Do Not Track mean for my website? for more information.
Enable IP Security This setting lets you enable IP-based security for your account. See IP Location Activation for more information.
Permanent BCC Email Address‡ BCC email address for accounts using BCC Email Compliance.
Email Plug-in Campaign Sets the campaign for prospects created with Apple Mail or Thunderbird plug-ins. The default campaign is Email Plug-in.
Max Tracking Cookie Duration (days) Lets you adjust the duration of Pardot tracking cookies to anywhere between 180 and 3650 days. See Configuring Pardot Max Tracking Cookie Duration for more.
Auto-fill Prospect Location Data from IP Address When this setting is enabled, Pardot will auto-fill Country, State, and Canadian Province on a prospect record based on GeoIP information. See Auto-Appending Country and State from Prospect IP Address for more information.
Drip/Engagement Programs: Allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect This setting controls whether a prospect will receive emails that use the same email templates more than once. See Drip Program FAQ for more information.
Product and Service Notifications Lists the points of contact for product and service notifications from Pardot. See Product and Service Notifications Overview for more information.

* Indicates that this setting is a required field.
† These fields are combined to create your account address, which is populated with the %%account_address%% variable tag.
‡ This is an optional feature for accounts in regulated industries. See BCC Email Compliance for more information.

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