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Keeping Pardot Clean

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 | Print this Article

This article covers strategies to clean and consolidate unused assets and inactive prospects within your Pardot account. 

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Mailable Database

Automation Rules

  • Delete rules related to past events. Deleting a rule will not undo its past actions.
  • Look for paused rules or rules that have never matched a prospect. Consider deleting these.
  • Can you use Salesforce functionality to replace any of your automation rule results? Check with your Salesforce Administrator to see if SF apex triggers or workflows rules are an available option.
  • Would another Pardot automation feature be more effective, like completion actions, segmentation rule, or dynamic lists?

Landing Pages


  • Delete forms related to past events or outdated content.
  • Consolidate similar forms and use across different assets, like one contact form that could be used on multiple landing pages.

Form Handlers

Drip Programs

  • Delete test drip programs.
  • Delete outdated drip programs.
  • Consolidate drips by adding multiple branches on one drip.

# Files / File Storage

  • Delete old logos, white papers, event promo material, and other irrelevant or outdated content. Important Note: Unlike most assets created in Pardot, you cannot undelete Files, Advanced Dynamic Content, or Tags. They are permanently deleted, not archived in the recycle bin.
    See Deleting Content Files for complete instructions.

Page Actions

  • Use wildcard page actions where applicable, triggering action when any page in a collection of similar pages is viewed.
  • Delete page actions from outdated pages.
  • Review page actions to ensure their actions are still relevant and valuable, and delete any that are not.

SEO Keyword Monitoring

Competitor Monitoring

Scoring Categories

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