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Adding the Twitter Connector

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2017 | Print this Article

This article covers setting up the Twitter connector for Social Posting with Pardot.

Please note that you must verify connectors in Pardot, not through Pardot frames within Salesforce.
To set up the Twitter connector:
  1. Log in to Twitter as the user you want to tweet as.
  2. In Pardot, navigate to Admin > Connectors, and click + Add Connector.
  3. Scroll to Social Posting Connectors, and click Twitter.
  4. Read the message in the Create Twitter Connector box, enter the Twitter username for the user you want to tweet as, and click Create connector.
  5. After the connector saves, click verify now. You will be taken to permissions screens in Twitter.
  6. Click Authorize app.
  7. Click Save Connector.

Once you've set up the connector, you can can tweet using Pardot's Social Posting. See Social Posting for more information.

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