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Scoring Categories Overview

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Scoring Categories allow you to score prospects on more than one product or business unit. You'll still have an overall prospect score, but Scoring Categories offer additional scores based on which assets your prospects are engaging with. You can also use Scoring Categories with various automation tools.

Scoring Categories work by assigning a category to a folder, and when prospects interact with assets in that folder, Pardot will create a separate prospect score for that particular category.

Before You Begin

Before you create your first Scoring Category, you'll need to make sure your assets are organized in folders based on how you want to score your prospects. For example, if you have a product line of Generators, and you want to score on it, you can place all assets related to this product in a folder named "Generators" and create and assign a scoring category named "Generators" to it. When prospects interact with any of the assets in the Generators folder, Pardot will change the prospect's "Generators" score.

Usage Notes

When using Scoring Categories, keep the following in mind:

  • Scoring Categories are available in Pro and Ultimate Editions.
  • Scoring category updates sync with Salesforce approximately every 15 minutes.
  • You can have up to 50 Scoring Categories per Pardot account.
  • Deleting an asset that has an assigned Scoring Category will remove all activity tied to the asset and remove the associated points from any affected prospect's Category Score.
  • By default, only Pardot administrators can create and edit Scoring Categories. However, if your account has Custom User Roles, you can assign the Create/Edit Scoring Categories and Delete Scoring Categories abilities to a custom user role. Note that the user must also have View abilities for Scoring.
  • When you assign a Scoring Category to a folder, all assets in that folder and its subfolders will be used to calculate the score for that category.
  • You can assign a Scoring Category to multiple folders, but a folder can only have one Scoring Category.
  • You can add Scoring Category scores to Salesforce Lead and Contact page layouts and report on them in Salesforce.
  • You cannot manually edit Scoring Category scores on a prospect record.
  • If you assign a Scoring Category to a folder, you cannot assign another Scoring Category to any of its parent folders or subfolders.
  • Category scores will be incremented when prospects perform any of the following actions on assets with an assigned Scoring Category: form or form handler submission, file download, custom redirect click, email clicks, and email opens.
  • If a form is on landing page, then the landing page's folder will determine Scoring Category.
  • When a prospect opens or clicks in a drip email, the email template's folder will determine Scoring Category.
  • When a prospect opens or clicks in a regular list email, the email's folder will determine Scoring Category.
  • Scoring Category scores are included with Prospect CSV exports (Full Export).
  • If you move assets between folders in any of the following ways, the applicable Scoring Category scores will be recalculated for affected prospects:
    • From a folder with no assigned Scoring Category to a folder with an assigned Scoring Category
    • From a folder with an assigned Scoring Category to a folder with no assigned Scoring Category
    • From a folder with an assigned Scoring Category to a folder with a different assigned Scoring Category

Note: Recalculating the scores will happen in the background and will take time to finish.

Viewing Scoring Category Changes Affecting Prospect Scores

You can view and export a history of Scoring Category changes that affect prospect scores. To view changes:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Automation Settings > Scoring.
  2. Scroll down to Scoring Category Changes Affecting Prospect Scores.
  3. Optional: To export the table, click Tools > CSV Export.

Note: If a user changes the Start Date / Include all historical activity field, assets will appear in this table with the same "to" and "from" Scoring Category.

Viewing Scoring Category Usage

You can view assets associated with a Scoring Category by navigating to Admin > Automation Settings > Scoring and clicking the name of the Scoring Category. Automation Rules, Dynamic Lists, and Page Actions associated with the Scoring Category are in the Usage table.

Scoring Category Reporting

Navigate to Reports > Scoring Categories, then select a Scoring Category from the dropdown. A list of all prospects with a score for the selected category will appear.

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