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Creating Engagement Programs

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 | Print this Article

This article covers the basics of creating new Engagement Programs.

Before you begin

There are two items that you need to have ready before creating a new Engagement Program:

  1. The logic and content driving your program. Whether you are nurturing new leads or reengaging old prospects, you need to think through the logic behind the process. Do you want to send an email and wait 10 days before sending another, or wait 30 days? What content are you hoping to share with your prospects? When should the nurturing paths divide?
  2. Your Audience. Think about which prospects you want to include in the program, and prospects you want to exclude. Keep in mind that you'll need to have a recipient list ready before you can start your Engagement Program, and if you want to keep specific prospects from receiving program emails, you'll need a suppression list as well.

Creating a New Engagement Program

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Engagement Studio.
  2. Click + Add Engagement Program.
  3. Enter a Name. This is internal-only.
  4. Select a Folder.
  5. Optional:† Choose Recipient Lists.
  6. Optional: Choose Suppression Lists.
  7. Optional:‡ unmark Only send emails during business hours (10am-4pm M-F).
  8. Click Save.
  9. The Build tab opens automatically. Click the + icon to begin adding triggers, actions, and rules to build your program.
  10. When you've finished building the program, move on to the Test tab to test your Engagement Program before starting it.
  11. After testing the program, click Start to start or schedule a program start time. You can also schedule a stop time from this screen.

Note: Your Engagement Program will not run until you click Start and manually start or schedule the program. We highly recommend testing your program before starting it. See Testing Engagement Programs for more details.

†A recipient list isn't required to build your program. However, you will need to choose one before you can start the program.

‡If you leave business hours only enabled, designate the time zone for which you would like the emails to be sent during business hours. If you do not designate a time zone, it defaults to your Pardot account's time zone (not necessarily your user account time zone). You can change the time zone. For example, you could choose Tokyo local time if you are segmenting a group of Japanese prospects.

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