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Engagement Studio Overview

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2016 | Print this Article

This article provides an overview of Engagement Studio and links to all of our related help articles.

Engagement Studio is Pardot's next-generation lead nurturing product and the true intelligence engine of the marketing automation platform. You can build, test, and report on powerful Engagement Programs that turn your prospects into marketing-qualified leads.
Engagement Programs allow you to send targeted emails based on real-time buyer behavior and critical qualifying values, providing a personalized and adaptive buying experience for your prospects.

You can access Engagement Studio by navigating to Marketing > Engagement Studio. From here, you can view, test, and report on existing Engagement Programs or create new ones.

These articles will tell you everything you need to know about using Engagement Studio:
Creating Engagement Programs
Testing Engagement Programs
Editing Engagement Programs
Action, Trigger, and Rule Reference
Engagement Studio FAQ
Engagement Program Reporting

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