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Editing Engagement Programs

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 | Print this Article

This article covers how to edit Engagement Programs after they've started.

How do I edit a program?

To edit an Engagement Program:

  1. Navigate to the program and click Pause.
  2. Click the Build tab.
You can now edit your program. Be sure to test your Engagement Program once you finish editing it. When you're done editing and testing, click Start to restart the program.

What can I edit?

Once you've paused a running Engagement Program, you can edit the following:

  • Program name: Click the program name in the header or the Start step in the Build tab to make changes.
  • Recipient and suppression lists: Click the Start step to add or remove lists.
  • Scheduled start or stop times: Click Start to schedule a start or stop time.
  • Send emails during business hours only setting and Time Zone: Click the Start step, then mark or unmark this setting to change it. If Send emails during business hours only is enabled, choose a time zone.
  • All step types: You can edit any step, within the same step type — rules can be changed to other rules, triggers to other triggers, and actions to other actions. If you want to change the step type — for example, from an action to a trigger — you'll need to delete the existing step and then add a new one.
  • Add new steps: Click + to add new steps to your program. Note that if you add a new step before an End step, only those prospects that haven't reached the end of the program will go through the new step.
  • Delete steps: Click the step you want to delete, then click Delete. If the step branches, you will need to choose which path should be deleted (left, right, or both). If you delete an End step, you will be prompted to choose where the path rejoins the program. Note: if you delete a step, anyone that was sitting on that step will progress to the next step after you Start the program again.
  • Values, operators, and wait periods: Change values, operators and wait periods on any steps. For example, you can change a Prospect Tag rule from "Prospect Tag is COLD_LEAD" to "Prospect Tag is "HOT_LEAD", or change an Email Link Click trigger from "Any Link" to a specific link. Note: if you reduce a wait period, prospects that have been sitting on that step for longer than the new wait period will progress to the next step after you start the program again. For example, if you change the wait period from 4 days to 2 days, prospects that have been waiting longer than 2 days will immediately go to the next step.

What are versions?

A new version is created every time a program is paused and then started. Each version has a unique name, and users can add comments about the version. You can see all version details in the Activity tab of an Engagement Program.

Engagement Program versions let you make edits to steps in your program, then view Report Card data for each version of the step. Note that only steps that have been edited on a version will show data for that specific version.

Note: Creating a new version will not restart all prospects from the beginning of the program.

How can I see an Engagement Program's history?

The Activity tab of an Engagement Program shows the program's history, including pauses, starts, the user responsible for any changes, and version details such as name and comments.


  • There is no save button — changes in Engagement Studio are automatically saved as you edit. Please be certain about the changes you make to a running program — there is no undo button.
  • If you edit a step upon which there are prospects are with a Waiting status, the prospects will have the edited trigger, action, or rule applied to them once they move through the step.

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