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Deleting Content Files

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2016 | Print this Article

This article covers how to delete Content Files from your Pardot account. If you're running out of Pardot storage space, or just want to clean up your account, you can delete your irrelevant or outdated Pardot-hosted files.

Unlike most assets created in Pardot, you cannot undelete Files, Advanced Dynamic Content, or Tags. These assets are permanently deleted and will not be archived in the recycle bin.


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Content > Files.
  2. To delete a single file, click the gear icon () next to the file, then click Delete.
  3. To delete multiple files, mark boxes next to the name of the files you wish to delete, then scroll to the bottom of the table and select Delete from the drop down, then click Go.
This video walks through the basics of deleting content files. Click to expand the video.

What can I do if I'm out of storage space and don't want delete files?

If you're running out of storage space and don't want to delete any content files, you can upgrade your Pardot account. See How do I upgrade? for more information.

What happens when Pardot files are deleted?

When you delete content files, they are permanently deleted. They will no longer be accessible or visible online.

What happens to my Pardot-hosted files if I cancel my account?

If you cancel your Pardot account, you'll need to download all of your content files and host them elsewhere. They will be permanently deleted from Pardot.

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