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How do I turn off A/B Testing?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 | Print this Article

If you accidentally turn on A/B Testing on an email draft or you change your mind, you can turn it off before sending the email.

Before you Begin

  • You can disable A/B testing only before you send the email — you cannot turn off A/B testing once the testing has begun.
  • When you turn off A/B testing on an email draft, you'll be prompted to choose a version to keep.
  • If you want to stop the A/B test after the emails have started sending, you'll need to pause the test, copy the email, and disable A/B testing on the copy.


  1. From the email draft, click Basic Info.
  2. Unmark Enable A/B Testing.
  3. Select the version of the email you want to keep.
  4. Click Save.

This video walks through the steps to turn off A/B Testing. Click to expand the video.


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