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Multiple Users Editing Engagement Programs

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016 | Print this Article

If your organization has several users who edit Engagement Programs, you may occasionally discover that another user already has the program open for editing. This article will walk you through why this happens and how to deal with it.

When a user is currently editing an Engagement Program, the program becomes locked, and no one else can edit it until the user closes, navigates away from, or starts the program. A lock icon () will be visible next to the program, and if you click into the program, you will see [LOCKED] in the program name and will be unable to edit any of the steps in the program.

What if I need to edit an Engagement Program but it is locked?

If a program is locked for editing you have a few options:
  • Contact the user who has the program locked and ask them to close the window or navigate away from the editor.
  • Contact your Pardot administrator and have them end the session and unlock the program.
  • Locked programs are released after 15 minutes of inactivity, so don't worry if you can't contact the user or have an admin unlock the program for you.
  • Locked programs are also released once the program is started.

Ending an Editing Session (Admins Only)

Admins can end an open editing session to unlock a program for editing.

Warning: Ending an editing session will discard any unsaved steps. Make sure important changes have been saved by the user with the open editing session before ending the session.

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Management > Editing Sessions.
  2. Locate the session you want to end, click the gear icon (), then select End Session.
  3. Click OK in the popup. The session will end, and the program will be available for editing.

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