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B2B Marketing Analytics Overview and FAQ

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B2B Marketing Analytics is an Einstein Analytics app containing Salesforce and Pardot data populated via your existing Salesforce connector. This article covers the most frequently-asked questions about B2B Marketing Analytics.

How do I access B2B Marketing Analytics?

Once B2B Marketing Analytics has been enabled and set up in your Salesforce org, you can access it from your desktop or mobile device.


  1. In Salesforce, select Einstein Analytics from the app drop down.
  2. In the Apps section, click B2B Marketing Analytics.
  3. Select a dashboard.


  1. Download the Einstein Analytics app from the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Log in using your Salesforce credentials.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner to open the App menu.
  4. Scroll to find B2B Marketing Analytics, and tap to open.
  5. Select a dashboard.

When is data refreshed?

Data in B2B Marketing Analytics is refreshed every 24 hours, at the time the app was provisioned. If a dataset fails to update, the dataset continues to attempt a refresh every 10 minutes, which offsets the update time.

How do I Integrate external data?

See Salesforce's Data Integration article for information about integrating external data with Einstein Analytics.

Can we customize the timezone?

Salesforce Analytics Cloud does not currently support timezone customization. All times are expressed in UTC.

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