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Advanced Email

Using Video in Emails

Video and email aren't best friends. All email clients have their own limitations for which formats they can play. Extensive testing from Campaign Monitor showed that outside of Apple Mail, you really can't emb...

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Email Link Tracking Overview

Pardot uniquely tracks links in emails to the recipient, allowing you to determine who clicked on your links and track any further activity on your website. Because tracked links are associated with individ...

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Targeting Prospects that Didn't Open an Email

Occasionally, you may want to follow up with prospects who didn't open a list email you sent. This article explains how to use suppression and dynamic lists to target prospects who didn't open a specific email....

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Can I attach files to Pardot emails?

Although you can't attach files directly to a Pardot email, you can include download links. This article explains how to include download links for your Pardot-hosted content like PDFs and .ics calendar event f...

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Can I include GIFs in emails and landing pages?

Since animated GIFs are image files, you can include them in your emails and landing pages. Just upload the file to Pardot and add it to your email template or landing page. For complete information on upload...

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