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Email Troubleshooting

Can a prospect receive the same email twice?

There are several scenarios in Pardot during which a prospect will receive the same email twice and several scenarios when they will only receive an email once. When prospects won't receive the same email tw...

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How do I stop an email from being sent?

If you have sent an email but are not seeing it in the Marketing Calendar or the Reports > Emails view, first make sure the email isn't hidden. Navigate to Marketing > Emails, then change the view to Hidd...

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Why does my fowarded email look bad?

If a prospect forwards your email to someone, it could end up with broken formatting in the recipient's inbox. After Pardot sends your email, email clients or email servers can tear apart your email code, rende...

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Why am I not receiving test emails?

Depending on how your company's spam filters are configured, you may not receive test emails you send yourself from Pardot. This can cause panic about an email deliverability problem that doesn't exist for real...

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Why are my fonts being tracked as email clicks?

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