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UTF-8 Encoding Overview

Why should I encode files as UTF-8? Not all programs and applications display special characters in the same way. To ensure that all special characters are displayed correctly it is important that all files ...

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Uploading Content Files

All files that you upload are publicly available at the URL Pardot assigns each file. You can upload images and other files for use in campaign elements such as emails, forms, and landing pages. Uploaded fil...

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Deleting Content Files

This article covers how to delete Content Files from your Pardot account. If you're running out of Pardot storage space, or just want to clean up your account, you can delete your irrelevant or outdated Pardot-...

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How can I force file downloads to open in a new tab, instead of downloading automatically?

Pardot-hosted files are set to download automatically for maximum backward compatibility with browsers. This behavior cannot be changed in Pardot. However, you can host your files outside of Pardot and use a Cu...

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How can I track files that aren't hosted in Pardot?

You can use custom redirects to track downloads and add completion actions to files hosted outside of Pardot. To do this, create a custom redirect that points to your externally-hosted file, then use t...

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