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Pardot Overview

Your New Website and Pardot

Your company is moving forward with a new website — new design, new content, everything to create a new look for your company and bring in new (and hopefully more!) prospective clients. But it’s been ages sinc...

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Do I need to use a modifier with my variable tag?

Because of the way data is transmitted, it could be possible to insert potentially dangerous code into your Pardot forms. This code could make a prospect's data visible to a malicious party, or deploy a virus t...

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Best Practices: Using Pardot Globally

Using marketing automation doesn't need to be overwhelming, but when you have a large, global marketing team you need to think strategically about how to organize your Pardot account. It's important to adopt a ...

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Pardot Onboarding Resources

Welcome to Pardot! We're really excited you're here. This onboarding information will help you get up to speed and become a Pardot expert in no time. So take your time, browse through these resources, and get t...

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Using Browser Spellcheck in Pardot's WYSIWYG Editors

This article has moved to Salesforce Help & Training. Update your bookmarks.

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Printing Reports and Tables

You can print or save any Pardot report or data table by using your browser's print function or clicking Tools > Print on the table you want to print or save as PDF. Tip: For best results, set the p...

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