Pardot Knowledge Base

Technical Setup

Setting up Tracker Subdomain (CNAME)

Whoa there, partner! This is advanced stuff. We recommend getting your IT department or web team involved with setting this up. A tracker subdomain, also known as a vanity Alias (CNAME record pointing to g...

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Using the Pardot API

The Pardot REST API (application programming interface) gives you access to prospects, visitors, activities, opportunities, and other data in Pardot. All Pardot accounts and user roles have full access to the A...

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Implementing Tracking Code

Implementing Pardot tracking is a similar process to what you might do with any other popular web analytics tool. Simply add a snippet of tracking code to any page that you want to monitor and any actions taken...

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Allowing Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address

This feature is enabled by default for Pardot accounts created after June 14th, 2016. What does this feature do? This feature enables your account to allow multiple prospects with the same email address. ...

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