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Tracking Opt-in By Country

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2016 | Print this Article

To comply with the EU privacy directive, Pardot provides the capability to enable tracking opt-ins on a per-country basis. Visitors to your website from the selected countries will receive a message at the top of the page on their first visit requesting permission to track their activities. Note: Only admin users can manage this feature.

Privacy Policy


  1. Navigate to Admin > Overview.
  2. Click Tracking Opt-in Preferences.
  3. Optional: edit the Message, Styles, and Link Styles to change the text and appearance of the opt-in message. Styles and Link Styles use CSS attributes.
  4. You can elect to request opt-in from all visitors or from only visitors from selected countries. Note: If you select a group of countries such as European Union, you can remove individual countries from the list of countries that populates after selecting that group.
  5. When finished, click Save Preferences. 
Tracking Optin  


  • If the visitor either opts in or opts out, the banner will close, and will not appear again unless they delete cookies or visit from a different browser.
  • If a prospect opts out of tracking, everything operates as if their cookies are disabled. Email link clicks and form submissions will still appear in their activity history, but you will not see their page views, form views, etc.
  • If a prospect ignores the message and neither opts in or out they will not be tracked; permission is required before their page visits will be tracked. This does not apply to Pardot landing pages as they are tracked independently of Pardot tracking code and will be displayed in the prospect's 'Visitor Activities' but will show 0 page views and 0 page visits.

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