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Creating Campaigns

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Pardot's various marketing elements can be associated with a campaign. Pardot campaigns can be used for reporting. Pardot campaigns are typically thematic touchpoints (similar to "source" in other system). They track the first touch that a prospect has with your online marketing materials. This article walks through creating new campaigns and finding your tracking code.

Creating a New Campaign

To create a new campaign:
  1. Navigate to MarketingCampaigns.
  2. Click + Add Campaign.
  3. Choose an internal Name for the campaign.
  4. Optional:
    • Add Tags to help organize campaigns.
    • Set a Cost (e.g. cost for a trade show or ad sponsorship) for the campaign with which you can track ROI.
    • Enter values for Archive Date to filter reports and only show "Current" or "Archived" campaigns.
    • A campaign is considered active if the "Archive Date" has not passed.
  5. Click Create campaign to save the new campaign.
This video walks through the basics of creating a campaign.

Finding Your Campaigns Tracking Code

The new campaign has its own unique tracking code, which you can use to track pages on a microsite (e.g., to separate visitors from your primary website). To access the tracking code:
  1. Click on the name of the campaign.
  2. Click View tracking code.
  3. For more information, view this article on Pardot tracking code.

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