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BCC Email Compliance

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 | Print this Article

Federal Regulations require certain types of institutions (for example, financial services companies) to keep a record of all emails sent over the past 5 years. These records include the content of each email and every email recipient. Pardot's BCC (blind carbon copy) Email Compliance feature allows you to store your Pardot-generated emails via a third party archival system.

Before you can use Permanent BCC, you need a BCC address that is accepting emails.

BCC Email Compliance is available as an add-on for Professional and Ultimate editions. If you’d like to upgrade, contact your Account Executive.

Setting Up BCC Email Compliance

An administrator must add your BCC email address under your account settings. You will need to already have your own BCC email address in place that is accepting emails.

  1. Hover over the gear icon () in the top right > Settings > Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the Permanent BCC Email Address field.
  3. Enter your BCC email address.
  4. Click Save.

We recommend sending a test email to yourself to ensure that the BCC address is accepting emails as expected.

Once set up, any email you send through Pardot will be BCC’d and sent to your designated BCC address. Pardot will still generate reports for the emails you’ve sent to your Prospects and Customers as normal. For more information please see Email Reporting.

Re-enabling Email Sends if BCC Fails

Every 24 hours Pardot will send a verification email to your BCC email address. If the email bounces, all email sending from your Pardot account will be suspended until you have provided a valid BCC email address.

Permanent BCC Blocked Message To reactivate your emails:
  1. Hover over the gear icon () in the top right > Settings > Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the Permanent BCC Email Address field.
  3. Enter a valid BCC email address.
  4. Click Reverify BCC address and enable sending.Permanent BCC Reverify
    • If the revised BCC address is valid, your email will be unlocked. Once email is unlocked, you will see an in-app notice that it has been reactivated.
    • If the revised BCC address is not valid, you will see this message “Must provide a valid Permanent BCC email address”.
  5. Click Save.


BCC Email Compliance will only impact your email reporting if someone goes into the BCC mailbox and interacts with the messages. To avoid having BCC emails skew your reporting, do not open or interact with the BCC emails unless absolutely necessary. Please note that BCC emails will not affect your delivery rates, total sent, or total delivered.

 Scenario Will it be reported?
Hard Bounce No
Soft Bounce No
Spam Complaints Yes
Clicks Yes
Opens Yes
Opt-Outs Yes
Total Number Sent No
Delivery Rate No


  • Pardot is not responsible for the archival of emails after they have been sent from our servers. If you need to archive your emails for legal purposes in case of audit, we recommend a third party email archival service.
  • Currently, BCC Email Compliance is not available with mail plugins.

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