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Inserting Images in Email Templates and Landing Pages

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
Images that are hosted within Pardot or on an outside server can be inserted into your campaign elements, including email and landing page templates.

Uploading Images in Pardot

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Content > Files.
  2. Click +Add File.
  3. Choose a Name for the file for internal use.
  4. Click the Choose File button to select the file you would like to upload.
  5. Click Upload file to add the file within Pardot and create a Location URL for the hosted file.
Bulk Upload Files


  • File size limit is 20MB per file.
  • Completion actions can not be applied to image, css, or javascript files.
You have three options for inserting images in your campaign elements:

Inserting Images using the WYSIWYG editor

Using the picture icon, you can insert images directly into the Pardot editor for your HTML emails and landing pages.
  1. Click on the picture icon (Image Icon) to launch the Insert/edit image window.
  2. In the Image Info tab, select Custom URL for the Image Source to insert an image hosted outside of Pardot and then enter the URL for the image. To insert an image hosted within Pardot, select the image from the dropdown menu. You can also add an optional description and title for your image.
Bulk Upload

If you would like to insert an image hosted by Pardot that is not already in the system, you can upload it in the Upload tab of the Insert/edit image window. Enter an internal name for the image, enter the path or browse for the file, and then click the Upload image button.

Using HTML to insert images

You can use an outside program to create an HTML template for your emails, landing pages or forms, and paste that code in the the Pardot editor using the HTML button. Images can be inserted within the HTML using a URL from an outside server or the Location URL that was generated when the file was uploaded in Pardot.

Bulk Upload

Note: If you are inserting .svg images, you must use the <img> tag. The editor does not support xlink or <use> elements.

Inserting Images using the Landing Page Builder

You can also insert images using the Landing Page Builder. When you drag the Image icon into the editable areas, you have three options for inserting the image:
  • Image Gallery allows you to insert an image that is hosted within Pardot.
  • Custom URL allows you to insert the URL for an image hosted on an outside server.
  • Upload image allows you to upload your image to Pardot from within the Landing Page Builder.

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