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Granting Support Access to Your Account

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Security and keeping sensitive data private are top priorities at Pardot, so if you'd like a Pardot team member to view or make changes to your data, you must explicitly grant Pardot account access.

Who Can Grant Access

Pardot administrators can grant account access. If you use Custom User Roles, any user with a role with admin:grant_access enabled can grant account access.

What Happens When You Grant Access

Pardot's Services teams (including the Support, Implementation, Client Advocate, and Partner teams) will formally request access from you to edit content and see prospect data within your Pardot account. Once you allow access, full permissions will be granted, giving the support or services team member the ability to view and edit everything in the account.

When a Pardot Services team member is actively working on an item with you or troubleshooting an issue, any access to your account will be timestamped.

How to grant access via email

When we need account access, Pardot will send the administrative user for the account a request email.
  1. From the request email, click the Grant Access link.
  2. The Grant Access link will take you to a page with a list of Pardot groups.
  3. Locate the appropriate user group and choose a date range from the dropdown to grant them account access.
  4. Click Grant Access when finished.
  5. Revoke account access at any time by clicking the Revoke Access link to the right of the date range dropdown field.

How to Grant Access From Pardot

Any admin user can grant Pardot access to their account by hovering over the person icon () in the top right of any page in Pardot, and then selecting Grant Account Access. From here, you'll be taken to the same Grant Access form where you can choose which groups should have access to your Pardot account, and for how long.

Release History

November 11, 2013: Released to accounts provisioned on or after Monday, November 11, 2013.

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