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Importing Users

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Importing users allows you to create a large number of users by uploading a .csv file with their information. Although Email Address is the unique user identifier, imports require these headers: Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.

Note: This is for importing up to fifty users at a time. For creating individual users from within Pardot, visit our Users article. If you need to create more than fifty users, contact our support team for assistance.


Create .csv File

To import a list of users, you will need to create a .csv file with a list of the users. Click here to download a User Import Template .csv file.

Keep these notes in mind if you choose not to use the template provided above:
  • To convert an .xls file to a .csv, choose Save As in Excel and then select .csv as the file type.
  • Make sure that the file is saved using the UTF-8 character encoding to preserve special characters in your prospects’ names, contact information and so on.
  • Your .csv file must have a header row.
  • The .csv file needs to be column-separated.
  • File size is limited to 100MB per file.
Accepted column headers: * These headers are required: Email address, First Name, and Last Name.
  • Email Address*
  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • CRM Username
  • Job title
  • Password Expires ("Yes" or "No")
  • Phone Number
  • Role (accepted values are "Administrator", "Marketing", "Sales Manager", and "Sales", or you can select one role in the dropdown at the bottom of Step 2 to apply to all users in the .csv). If your account has Custom Roles enabled, you will also see those as an option here.
  • Tags
  • URL

Uploading Users

Once you've created the .csv file, you can upload it.
  1. Navigate to Admin > User Management > Users.
  2. Click Import Users.
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Select your .csv file.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Map your imported fields by choosing the appropriate field from the Field dropdowns.
  7. If you did not import and map the Password Expires field, you'll need to choose Yes or No from the Expire password after 90 days dropdown. This setting will apply to all users included in the import.
  8. Select a Timezone. This setting will apply to all users included in the import.
  9. If you did not import and map the Role field, you'll need to choose a User Role from the dropdown. This setting will apply to all users included in the import.
  10. Optional Settings:
    • If you are a Salesforce or SugarCRM user, you will see the option to enable single sign-on. This will enable the users to transfer seamlessly between the CRM and Pardot without needing to log into both. Note: If you select this option, the users imported will be SSO-Only and cannot log in to Pardot using their email and password. This means that single sign on users have an activated Pardot account without having a Pardot password. So they appear as activated, but cannot log in directly into Pardot. More information on the single sign-on for: Salesforce, SugarCRM.
    • Decide whether to leave the "Send Activation Emails" option checked, which will trigger activation emails to the users you're importing.  You can also uncheck this option and send the activation emails (individually or in mass) later.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Review your import in the Confirm & Save screen. Once you're satisfied with the import, click Confirm & Save.

You will then see the following notification: "You will be notified via email when your users have finished being imported." Once the users have been imported, you'll receive a "Pardot: User Import Successful" email. The video below walks through the steps of a user import.

Click here to expand the video.


  • Import files are available for 60 days, at minimum. After 60 days, files may no longer be downloadable from links in system emails.
  • If you import a .csv file that includes existing users (based on email address), the import will update the existing user fields rather than create a new user.
  • You can't set user preferences from user imports currently.
  • There must be at least one Administrator user in your account at all times. You will receive the following error if your import will result in 0 Administrator users in your account:  Uploading this file will remove all administrators from your system. Please fix this problem in your CSV file and re-upload it.
  • If the Send Activation Emails option was enabled, each user will receive an email with an activation link and they will be prompted to select a password and a security question. If this option was not enabled, the activation emails can be sent manually to individuals or in mass later.
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