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Adding and Moving Contents in Folders

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When folders are turned on for your account, all existing marketing assets are placed in the Uncategorized folders based on asset type. For example, forms will initially be in the Uncategorized/Forms Folder. Although you can't delete or rename uncategorized folders, you can move your assets to other folders. Please note that prospects cannot be placed in folders.

You can also add new content to folders as you create it.

Adding New Content to Existing Folder

There are two ways to add new content to existing folders as you create it: create the asset from the Folders Pane, or select the folder in Wizards.

Select a folder during creation

Choose a folder in Step 1 of the Email Template Wizard, Email Send Wizard, Forms Wizard, Drip Program Wizard and Landing Page Wizard. For other assets, like Automation Rules, you can choose the correct folder when you create the asset.

add to a folder

Create the Asset Inside the Folders Pane

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Folders.
  2. Locate and click a folder in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. Choose the new asset type from the drop down menu to begin creating the new asset. It will be saved the selected folder.

Moving Content

Before you can move your content between folders, you'll need to find it. Once you've found your content you can drag it to its new folder. Alternately, you can use table actions to move lots of content at once.

Finding Content to Move

Pardot has two methods for finding folder contents to move: Search by Tag
  • If you’ve been using tags to organize your marketing materials and data, you can leverage existing tags to help you preserve your organizational system.
  • Tags are accessible in the left menu bar. Clicking on a tag will pull up all content that’s been saved with that tag. You can also look for tagged content of a certain type and sort your content by date or alphabetically
Search by Text String
  • You can also find content using a search. Click the search tab, and then type in your keyword to perform a search through the names of your existing content.
  • Optionally filter your search by type of content and display the results in descending or ascending order.

Moving Content with Drag-and-Drop

Once you’ve located your content in Folders, you can drag and drop selected items or groups of items into the appropriate folder in the Folders Pane.

Moving Content with Table Actions

You can move content into and between folders using Table Actions.
  1. Navigate to the table containing your content.
  2. Mark the content you'd like to move and scroll to the bottom of the table to use table actions
  3. Select Move to Folder and choose the target folder.
  4. Click Go.

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