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Folder Content Types and Statistics Overview

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Certain types of content must be placed in folders, and folders let you easily view statistics about the files it contains.

Content Types

Any time you create a new piece of certain types of content (listed below) in Pardot, you will be asked to associate a folder with that content. Currently, most content under the Marketing tab can be placed in a folder. Prospects, Prospect accounts and visitors can not be placed in folders. Folders cannot be used to control prospect visibility.

The following assets be placed in a folder. If an asset is not listed in this table, it can#not currently be placed in a folder.

Icon Asset 
campaigns Campaigns
custom redirect Custom Redirects
drip program Drip Programs
dynamic content Dynamic Content
email icon  Emails and Email Drafts
email template Email Templates
content files  Files
Forms Icon Form
Form Handler Form Handler
landing page  Landing Pages
layout template icon  Layout Templates
lists  Lists
multivariate test  Multivariate

File Statistics

See important statistics for any piece of content within a folder at a glance. Once a piece of content is displayed in the main folder window, Pardot will automatically display the most important and helpful statistics, based on what's inside a folder. For example, if a list is stored in a folder, Pardot will show how many total and mailable prospects are on the list.
atlanta area customers list info

Click on the row containing the file inside the folder to pop open a sidebar with file information.

more info about lists

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