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Spam Complaints Overview

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015 | Print this Article
Spam complaints are damaging to the sender's reputation. All emails sent from within Pardot are CAN-SPAM compliant and require the physical address (%%account_address%%) and either the unsubscribe tag (%%unsubscribe%%) or an email preference page link to be present in the email. For HTML emails, you have the option to adjust the font styling and location of the unsubscribe tag. Keeping similar styles to the rest of your email message is encouraged, but ensure the unsubscribe link or email preference page link can be easily recognized.

It is better to have one prospect unsubscribe than to have them report spam. Unsubscribes are harmless to your email reputation whereas spam complaints leave a lasting negative impact. The limit for spam complaints is 1 per every thousand emails, or 0.1%.

When a prospect reports spam by clicking the "Report Spam" button, they will be unsubscribed from future emails. Pardot has a feedback loop setup for Hotmail/MSN, AOL, Comcast, Roadrunner, Rackspace, and many other common ISPs, so these spam complaint notices are captured and reported within Pardot. Once spam is reported the prospect is then opted out and unsubscribed from email communication.

spam complaint

Note: Gmail does not have a feedback loop so spam complaints are not reported within Pardot.

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