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Using RingLead and Salesforce Web-to-Lead Forms to Deduplicate Leads and Contacts

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015 | Print this Article
RingLead is a third-party tool that can be used with Salesforce to deduplicate leads and contacts. Pardot’s unique identifier is the email address, but RingLead is able to use multiple data points (not just email) to search for and update an existing Contact, Lead or Account in Salesforce, or to create a new Lead if there is not a match.

RingLead is responsible for finding the multiple fields of criteria in Salesforce (First Name, Last Name, Email, Address, Phone, and so on…) so that a lead is not created twice in Salesforce even if they have used more than one email address.

You can take advantage of RingLead’s deduplication benefits by using Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms and letting prospects naturally sync down to Pardot from Salesforce (which can be enabled in your connector settings).

If you place Web-to-Lead forms on Pardot landing pages or web pages with your Pardot tracking code, the Salesforce Web-to-Lead form submission will not be tracked in Pardot, but Pardot will still cookie and track the visitor anonymously.

If the visitor doesn’t exist in Pardot, fills out a Web-to-Lead form, and later converts on a Pardot form or clicks on a tracked email link, the visitor’s activity will become associated with the lead/prospect that was created by the Web-to-Lead form and synced to Pardot. If the prospect already exists in Pardot, and is syncing to a Salesforce record, email and other changes from the Web-to-Lead forms will sync down to Pardot depending on your connector settings.

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