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Why is a form pre-populated with someone else's information?

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 | Print this Article
When an email is sent to a known prospect (prospect A), and the prospect then forwards that email to someone else (prospect B) and that person clicks on a tracked link, prospect B will see prospect's A's information pre-populated in the form. This is because each link in a Pardot email beginning with http:// or https:// is re-written to cookie and track the exact prospect to whom the email is sent. If prospect A forwards that email, then all links in the email are written to track that prospect's activities.

When prospect B clicks a link that has been tracked for prospect A, the tracking enabled by the link thinks that prospect A is viewing the form. Therefore, the form is populated with prospect A's information.

If prospect B corrects the pre-filled email address (i.e. prospect A’s email) and submits the form, Pardot creates a new prospect record rather than overwriting prospect A; this prevents merging issues where data may have been overwritten. See this helpful article for more information.

Some steps to prevent this:
  1. Always include the "Not You" link in your forms (available in the form wizard in the Look and Feel step on the Advanced tab).
  2. Set your forms to Kiosk/Data Entry mode on forms that may be more prone to this kind of activity.
  3. Never click on a link that has been sent through a Pardot email unless that link was re-written for you.
If you notice this is already happening:
  1. Clear your cookies so you will no longer be tracked as another prospect.
  2. Submit a new form on your site to be appropriately cookied as you again.

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