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Redirecting Forms to a Success Page

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 | Print this Article
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By default, Pardot forms display the specified Thank You content immediately upon submission, without sending the visitor to another page. If you'd like to redirect prospects to a particular page, you have two options: redirecting at the form level, or redirecting at the landing page level.

Redirecting at the Form Level

There is a option on the Form Wizard under Completion Actions that says "<label for="is_use_redirect_location">Redirect the prospect instead of showing the form's Thank You Content</label>". When this box is marked, a redirect URL text box will appear for you to enter the page you want the visitor redirected.

Additionally, you can use the form's Thank You Code, in the Completions Actions step to set up a JavaScript redirect if that is preferable to displaying the content immediately. A redirect can be useful when using third party tools such as Google Analytics goal tracking, which requires a success location to give credit towards completed goals.

The JavaScript code for a simple redirect would look something like the following:
<script type="text/javascript">
top.location.href = "";
You could also redirect into a new browser window and control the size of the pop-up with something like the following:
<script type="text/javascript">
<!--"", 'success_window', 'width=1024,height=768');

Note: If you still wants to use the Thank You code (i.e. for Adwords conversions) but also want to redirect, insert the JavaScript redirect from this article instead of using the checkbox option on the form.

Redirecting at the Landing Page Level

If your form resides on a Pardot landing page, you can also redirect prospects to another page at the landing page level. This option is available at the bottom of the Content step of the Landing Page Wizard. See Landing Page Scenarios and FAQ for more information about redirect scenarios.

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