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Updated At Field Overview

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2016 | Print this Article
The Updated At field is displayed on prospect records and on many prospect data tables (change the Date Range view to Updated At). The Updated At date is also exported in a .csv export of a prospect table (look for the Updated Date field). The Updated At field tells the last date the prospect record was updated. Both Pardot users and prospects can trigger a change in the Updated At field.

When a Pardot user modifies the data in a prospect record (changes field values or assigns the prospect) or imports/reimports a prospect, the Updated At field will change. The Updated At field will not be modified when a Pardot user sends the prospect an email or adds the prospect to a list.

When the prospect record syncs with your CRM, the Updated At field will also update.

When a prospect interacts with your tracked online marketing efforts their Updated At field will change at the time of the action, such as viewing pages or clicking on a tracker link in an email.

The following activities do not trigger an update to the timestamp of the Pardot Updated At field:
  • Email HTML Open
  • Email Sent (of any type)
  • Email Bounce (hard or soft)
  • Opportunity Created/Lost/Won
Note: The Updated At field is closely related to the Last Activity field, however there are differences. The Updated At field reflects when a prospect's data was changed, and the Last Activity field reflects the last time the prospect had an activity (interacted with marketing assets). For more information see: Last Activity field.

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