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Placing and Testing Advanced Dynamic Content in Pages

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 | Print this Article
This article will walk you through placing your advanced dynamic content's code on your webpage, Pardot formslanding pages, and layout templates. If you would like to place advanced dynamic content in an email, see this article.
Advanced Dynamic content is included in Pro and Ultimate packages, and is available as an add-on for Standard packages. If you’d like to upgrade, contact our advocate team or your implementation coordinator.

Copying Embed Code

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Content > Dynamic Content.
  2. Click on the dynamic content you want to embed.
  3. Click View Embed Code.
  4. Copy the embed code.
This video shows you how to locate and copy and your embed code. Click here to expand.

Placing Embed Code

To place your advanced dynamic content, simply paste the embed code in your page's HTML source code where you would like the content to appear. The CSS on your webpage or layout template will affect the embedded content. You can also paste embed the code in the source editor of these Pardot items:
  • above or below form content
  • form’s thank you content
  • landing page opening general content
  • layout template

Testing Advanced Dynamic Content on a Page

Testing your dynamic content allows you to view each variation as it will appear in the page, as if you were viewing the content as a prospect who matches that variation’s criteria. We strongly recommend you test your dynamic content to ensure your site’s CSS styling applies correctly to all variations.
  1. Open a preview of your landing page or form by using the View online link, or open your webpage in a separate tab. Note: If you'd like to test dynamic content on a layout template, you'll need to use the View online link for a form or landing page that uses the layout template.
  2. In Pardot, drill down into the dynamic content you would like to test.
  3. Click Testing Tools.
  4. Select the variation or default content to preview. It will load a one-time cookie for you to view the variation as if you match the criteria.
  5. Depending on what browser you're using, a security warning message may appear -- this is because Pardot is setting a cookie on your public domain.
    • In Firefox, you'll get a popup box with a security message. Click Continue.
    • In Chrome, a gray shield icon will appear in the address bar. Click the icon, then click Load unsafe script.
    • In Safari, you'll get a popup box with a security message. Click Send.
  6. A popup window will appear saying "The Cookie was set." The message means that Pardot is viewing you as a prospect (with the specified criteria selected). This is only for testing purposes and will never be seen by your prospects. Click OK.
  7. Switch to the tab with your landing page, form, or web page and refresh the page. Your content variation should appear.
  8. Repeat for each variation you need to test.
This video demonstrates how to test advanced dynamic content on a landing page in Chrome. Click here to expand the video.

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