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Prospect Table Actions Overview

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Table actions allow you to apply actions to a whole prospect table or just selected prospects on a table. This means you can apply batch actions (multi-select actions) to prospects without having to create an automation or segmentation rule, or if you want a new completion action to apply to prospects who previously submitted a form or landing page.


Table actions can be applied to a whole table (using the checkbox at the the top left of the table) or individual prospects (using the checkboxes to the left of the prospect's name) and selecting an action from the drop down at the bottom of the table. For a list of available actions, see further below on this page.

table actions 1

To select the whole table (not just the prospects visible on the current page) tick the checkbox at the top left of the table and then click the link that appears with the full number of prospects on the table: table actions 2 Once your table batch action is completed, you will receive an email notification that the process is finished. The subject line will be "Pardot: Multi-Select Action Successful" and the content will contain how many prospects were affected. (Note: we keep any system email sent in the past two weeks under Admin > System Emails.)

Table Action Definitions

Action Definition
Add tags This action will apply the prospect tag(s) of your choice.
Add to list This action will add a prospect to the list of your choice.
Assign to group This action will assign prospects to the group of your choice.
Assign to user This action will assign a prospect to the user of your choice. This will not reassign prospects who already have an owner, but will assign “reviewed” prospects. Accounts with verified CRMs will immediately sync a new prospect with the CRM after the user assignment, if they already have an assigned user in your CRM they will not be re-assigned.
Delete  This action will delete the selected prospects.
Mark as reviewed  This action allows you to mark prospects as reviewed
Merge  This action will allow you to merge 2 or more prospects.
Remove from list This action will remove a prospect from the list of your choice.
Remove tags  This action will remove the prospect tag(s) of your choice.
Note: using the 'Delete' option will send the selected prospect(s) to the recycle bin, it will not remove them from a list.

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