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Assigning Visitors

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2016 | Print this Article

Assigning visitors is tricky since they are not known prospects (as opposed to someone who converts on a form). If you are already talking to a potential prospect from a particular company and then you see that company in the visitors on your site (and you are pretty sure it is this person visiting your site), you can create a record for them by taking the steps below.

Note: Upon taking these steps, the email address you enter for the prospect will be  prefilled for them upon viewing a Pardot form.

  1. Click Create / associate next to the visitor you would like to assign.
  2. Enter an email address for the prospect record you are creating. If you have multiple prospects with the same email address, Pardot will associate the visitor to the prospect with the most recent Last Activity field.
  3. Assign the newly created prospect to a Pardot user or group.

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