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Email Click-Through Rate Report Overview

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017 | Print this Article

The Click-through Rate Report displays link performance in your email visually. A rendering of your email creative will be overlaid with click-through rates next to your various links.

Access the Report

To access the Click-through Rate Report:
  1. Navigate to Reports > Emails.
  2. Select a sent email from the table.
  3. Click the Click-Through Rate Report tab.

Click-through Rate Report Metrics

The Click-through Rate percentage denotes the number of unique link clicks divided by the total number of unique opens for the sent email. Each link in an email is highlighted with a color depending on its Click-through Rate (CTR) percentage.


Mousing over any link will provide further insight into the link’s performance. On mouseover, a pop-up will launch with CTR statistics. The popup contains the number of unique clicks for the link as well as the total number of link clicks. Drill into the number of unique clicks to view a table of all prospects who accessed that link.


The Click Overlay report features a visual heat map with links colored on a scale from red to blue to quickly determine the most highly trafficked links. The below table charts the color cut offs for links.

Heat Map Cut Offs
Color Percentage
Red Greater than or equal to 5% CTR
Orange Greater than or equal to 3% CTR, less than 5% CTR
Green Greater than or equal to .25 CTR, less than 3% CRT
Blue Less than 0.25% CTR
Grey No link data

If there is no data for a link, the link will display a question mark inside a grey box. On mouseover, the popup will display "No Data". No Data indicates that a link has no clicks.

no data on mouseover


  • Text only emails don’t display a Click-through Rate Report tab.
  • Unsubscribe and Email Preference Center links are not included in this report and will not display link activity or CTR data.
  • If there are any duplicate links in the email (for example, if you include a link to your company website twice), Pardot will show the same CTR statistics for both links. Since the links are identical, Pardot can not determine which of the links the user actually clicked. If you’d like resolution at that level, you will need to append some sort of tracking information to your duplicate links.

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