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Search Marketing Competitor Monitoring Overview

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With Competitor Monitoring, you can track how well your site stacks up against your competitors in general SEO terms. The data includes the number of inbound links, page and domain authority, links to the root domain, root domain external links, and the Alexa Rating.

If a Pardot user goes to the Search Marketing screen without having any competitors added in their account, the system will be triggered to automatically generate the Pardot user's company as a competitor entry for comparison purposes. The competitor creation will be attributed to the first user that visits the Search Marketing module.

Adding Competitors

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Search Marketing.
  2. Either click on Competitors or scroll to the second table.
  3. To create a new Competitor, click + Create new competitor.
  4. Enter the name, URL, and optional tags for the competitor.
  5. Click Create competitor to save.
Note: Initial lookup may take up to one hour. Data is then refreshed weekly.

Competitor Monitoring Table

You can compare competitors side-by-side, filter by tags, and measure changes in ranking and online presence (changes will be noted with a + or -).


Metrics Captured

Metric Definition
Inbound Links The number of links navigating people to your website
Alexa Rank Alexa provides free organic ranking metrics based on criteria like category, keyword, or website. Alexa measures the popularity of your website against the other sites it ranks and places yours accordingly.
Page Authority A normalized 100-point score representing the likelihood of a page to rank well in search engine results.
Domain Authority A normalized 100-point score representing the likelihood of a domain to rank well in search engine results
Links to Root Domain The number of internal and external equity and non-equity links to the root domain of the source URL
Root Domain External Links The number of external equity links to pages on the source URL's root domain

Competitor History Table

Drilling down on a specific competitor will show you an audit of historical data on that site.

Email Notification

You can receive a weekly email report on competitor and keyword monitoring results. Simply mark the box in your user preferences and you will receive the report every Monday morning (EST).

Account Limits

Account Type Number of Competitors Tracked
Standard Edition 10 Competitors
Pro Edition 25 Competitors
Ultimate Edition 100 Competitors

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