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Segmentation Rules Overview

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2016 | Print this Article
Segmentation rules allow you to pull a one-time list of prospects based on specific criteria. Unlike automation rules, segmentation rules do not run continuously.

Although similar to automation rules, completion actions and prospect table actions, segmentation rules have unique functionality and are best used in certain scenarios. If you are unsure which action to use, review our Prospect Actions comparison table.

This article gives a basic over view of what segmentation rules are, and how to use them effectively. Use these others articles to get started with segmentation rules: Creating Segmentation Rules Segmentation Rule Criteria Reference Segmentation Rule Actions Reference

Segmentation Previews

You can preview segmentation rule matches and share a link to the preview with other Pardot users.

Rule Groups

Within a segmentation rule, complex rules can be created by adding a new rule group. Rule groups allow you to construct a combination of criteria while reducing the restriction of "match all" and "match any" requirements.

The flexibility of rule groups allows users to combine multipart rules that would have previously been two separate rules. For example, within the same rule, assignments to a sales representative can be qualified by both location and industry by using two groups.

Re-executing Segmentation Rules

Since segmentation rules only run once, you can re-run them later by clicking on the name of the rule and then clicking Re-execute segmentation. Completion actions will not fire again for prospects that matched the segmentation rule already; however, completion actions will fire for new prospects that match the rule when re-executing it.

Copying Segmentation Rules

To copy a segmentation rule to create a new version, click on the name of the rule and then click Copy segmentation. You'll then be able to choose a name for the new rule and modify the criteria.

Deleting Segmentation Rules

When a segmentation rule is deleted, it will be sent to the recycle bin (Admin > Recycle Bin).

A segmentation rule can be restored from the recycle bin at any time by following the Segmentation Rules link, clicking the gear icon next to the deleted rule, and selecting Undelete. Once a segmentation rule is restored, you will be able to run the rule again by clicking the "Re-execute segmentation" link at the top of the segmentation rule read screen.

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