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I got a message that someone else is editing my form — what does that mean?

Any time that a user starts editing a form and doesn't click Cancel or Confirm & Save, Pardot saves their editing session in the background.

The message saying that someone else is editing the form just means that — someone else started editing and didn't save or explicitly cancel their changes. If either user saves their changes without incorporating the other's changes, you may lose your work. We always suggest that one of you click Cancel. In this case, one user should click “cancel” and let the other finish editing.

What if I'm sure that no one else is editing?
The other user probably forgot to click Cancel, their session may have timed out, or they could have had the form editor open in another tab and forgot about it. Editing sessions can stay open indefinitely, so contact our Support Team so we can make sure that yours is the only active editing session for that form.

If I'm editing an existing form, do I have to walk through all the steps again?

Nope! When editing existing forms, use the upper navigation to skip to the step you want to edit and click Confirm & Save at any time to save changes. It is not necessary to scroll through all steps to edit existing forms.

Form Wizard Steps

When should I use Kiosk Mode for forms?

If you want to use a Pardot Form to perform repeated manual registration on behalf of prospects (e.g. signing many people up on the same computer at a tradeshow booth, or having one person manually enter many prospects via a form), make sure to enable Kiosk/Data Entry Mode. Any time you set a form to enable Kiosk Mode, the form is automatically set to Always display form after submission. Setting a form to Kiosk Mode

Normally, our forms are used for prospect tracking and if cookies are not cleared between submissions, the system will think each submission is coming from the same visitor. In Kiosk/Data Entry Mode, there is no cookie attached to the form so this is not a problem.

When using Kiosk Mode, it's a good idea to mark Redirect the prospect instead of showing the form's Thank You Content and set the Redirect Location to the form's URL (or the landing page's URL). This will automatically redirect back to the form, so it will be ready for the next prospect.

Kiosk Mode Redirect

Special Note: If the Kiosk/Data Entry Mode is enabled, you will not be able to use this form for setting up campaigns with third-party ads.

Why should I set a form to Always Display?

In the majority of cases, allowing the thank you content to appear provides a better user experience. If a prospect accidentally clicks the back button, they won't want to fill out the form again to access content. When you select the Always Display option, the form will always show when someone returns to the page... even if he or she returns soon after they first submit the form.

Forms Step 4 Completion Actions, Always Display

Pardot forms will still be "intelligent" and will not redisplay any fields that were submitted before. The form would only show form fields that are also set to always display (such as email address, comments, etc.), any unfilled fields, and any conditional fields that were triggered because of the prospect's first form submission. Make sure your form fields are set up the way you'd like them to be. Also, if you wish to use the same form to protect multiple pieces of content, you must enable the always display option (otherwise, rapid multiple form submissions from the same prospect will not appear in a prospect's activities or be scored).

I want to use the same form to gate multiple pieces of content, is there anything I should know first?

Make sure you enable the always display option in the Completion Actions step of the Form Wizard. Otherwise, rapid multiple form submissions from the same prospect will not appear in a prospect's activities or be scored. Completion actions will still run, though. Forms Step 4 Completion Actions, Always Display

You will also want to have a clear strategy about how you're routing prospects to those different pieces of content.

If I'm filling in Country and State info on a prospect based on GeoIP information, when will I see that information populate?

Pardot can auto-fill Country and State on a prospect record based on GeoIP information. The added data is filled in after a form, landing page, or form handler is completed by a prospect, and only if they don't already have any other geographical information.

I gave my web developer my form's HTML iframe code, but it's not looking right.

This iframe HTML tag Pardot generates can be placed anywhere on your own website — just be sure that the dimensions for that section in your existing page allow enough room for the iframe to appear. By default, the iframe width is set to be 100% (so it will become as wide as the HTML of your webpage allows it to be), and the height is set to 500px. This doesn't mean that your form fields will expand and become wider — that takes customized CSS. Once you have your iframe code, your web developer can adjust the iframe's width and height before inserting it into your page if necessary. If the form fields and labels don't look right, it's likely they are too wide for the space in your webpage. Have you web developer look at our resources for fully customizable CSS to customize your form's look and feel so they can see what changes need to be made.

I want to use AdWords conversions, but I don't have a separate redirect page for my form. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not! Your form's Thank You Content and Code don't load on the page until the form is successfully completed, so the code stored in your form's Thank You Code won't "fire" until the goal is complete. Use the comprehensive instructions on our Google AdWords Conversions article for more detail.

I want to use reCAPTCHA for extra bot protection, but it's ugly!

We feel you. If you've enabled bot protection for your form, you might want to restyle the reCAPTCHA. Google has instructions for setting this up. Once you've selected which style you want to use, just go to Look and Feel step of the form wizard, click the tab to view the Below Form Content and click the "Edit HTML Source" button in the WYSIWYG editor. Paste the script into the HTML editor and click update, then make sure the form wizard itself is saved, too. HTML Button in form's WYSIWYG Editor

Why aren't all fields showing when I view my form?

If you have clicked on a tracked email link or filled out a form previously without clearing your cookies/cache, some of the fields may not be showing. This is because Pardot's progressive profiling hides form fields that prospects have already completed before (but email address will always show, as will any other fields set to “always display”).

Form Field, Always Display

Edit the form field to be "always display", or view the form in a private browsing session or clear your cookies and view the form again to see how it would look to a new, un-cookied prospect.

I submitted my form, but Pardot doesn't show the form activity, and I'm not getting my autoresponder. Are my forms broken?

Not at all!

Chances are, your prospect activity is being filtered. Any time you are being filtered, completion actions (like autoresponders) don't fire, and the form activity itself doesn't show on your prospect record or in the form's table of "Prospects with at least one submission." Automation rules that look for prospects who submitted this form also won't fire.

Admin users can toggle on viewing filtered activities from the dropdown under your email address:

Toggle Filtered Activities On

When you toggle on viewing filtered activities, you can see a red "Yes" in the "Filtered" column — see below for an example from the form's "Prospects with at least one submission" table.

Prospects with filtered and unfiltered activities

If you toggle on viewing filtered activities, and you're still not seeing your prospect activity, contact our Support Team!

If you're definitely not filtered, and you're not getting your autoresponder, make sure the email wasn't sent to junk/spam, or is still on your corporate server (your IT team can help determine if it is).

Why doesn't my prospect's activity table show all the prospect's form submissions?

When a prospect completes duplicate activities, Pardot records them on the prospect record once every 30 minutes. Pardot accepts each form submission, and completion actions will fire for each submission (unless they're throttled). You can see each submission on prospect audits page; however, you will only see 1 submission within the timeframe on the main prospect activities table. For example, if a prospect submits a form multiple times at 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30, 6:40, 6:50, and 7:00, there would be seven submissions total, but only three activities would be recorded (at 6:00, 6:30, and 7:00). These 3 activities would show on the main prospect record, on the table to the right.

Why is there pre-filled information on my form?

If you have clicked on a tracked email link or filled out a form previously without clearing your cookies/cache, the form may have some information pre-filled.

By default we won't show fields that you've already completed. If the fields are set to "always display," we'll show the fields we already know (email address will always show), and we'll do our best to pre-fill the field with the information that we have on the prospect.

Don't want this information pre-filled? Your Pardot form field can be edited to not prefill: Form Field, Do Not Prefill

Why is my form pre-filled with someone else's information?

Never fear, this just means that you accidentally clicked on a tracked email link that was intended for someone else (usually from a forwarded email).

The best thing to do is to clear your cookies. This will wipe your browser clean of any Pardot cookies so you can be tracked as yourself again.

We suggest to always include the "Not You" link in your forms; you can add that link in the "Look and Feel" step of your form builder.

Enable Not You? Link

Can I fill out a form for someone else?

Whoa there! That's not always a good idea. If you ever want to fill out a form for someone else, first go to the form and edit it to make it a “Kiosk mode” form in the "Look and Feel" step of the form builder:

Setting a form to Kiosk Mode

If it's not in "Kiosk mode", your browser cookie will mean that you will start to be tracked as the prospect you filled out the form for.

Why does my page jump to the form?

Our forms default to automatically draw focus to the first form field. If your form is positioned low on a page, you may want to consider Removing Form Auto-Focus so the page doesn't "jump" to the form.

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