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Testing Forms

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Once you have built your form in Pardot, you'll need to test it see how the data is recorded in the system. This test will allow you to make sure all your data is flowing to the correct place. You will also see how visitor activities result in Pardot data records.


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Forms > Forms.
  2. From the Forms table, click on the name of the form that you would like to test.
  3. Click View online.
  4. Your form will open in your browser.
  5. Enter a valid email address, fill out any remaining fields, and submit the form.
  6. Navigate back to the Pardot Dashboard.
  7. Click the number next to Prospects Created.
  8. Click on the prospect's name to view contents and activities. The Activities table will list all of the activities you took while browsing and filling out the form.


  • When a prospect completes duplicate activities, Pardot records them on the prospect record once every 30 minutes. Pardot accepts each form submission, and completion actions will fire for each submission. You can see each submission on prospect audits page; however, you will only see 1 submission within the timeframe on the main prospect activities table. For example, if a prospect submits a form multiple times at 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30, 6:40, 6:50, and 7:00, there would be seven submissions total, but only three activities would be recorded (at 6:00, 6:30, and 7:00). These 3 activities would show on the main prospect record, on the table to the right.
  • If you would like to test the form again, be sure to clear your cookies and fill it out with a new email address in order to create a new Prospect Record. If you do not clear cookies (to stop yourself from being tracked) or do not use a new email address, the form submission will be credited to the prospect created from your previous test.
  • If you return to the same form without clearing your cookies within about 10 minutes after completing it, you will still see the thank you content or be redirected to the thank you page. If you return to the same form without clearing your cookies after 10 minutes, you will see the email field (it should be prefilled) and any other fields that have not already been completed or are set to "Always Display".
  • If you are testing forms with autoresponders more than once, you may not receive the autoresponder if you do multiple tests in a short period (within about 10 minutes). This is a safety put in place to prevent prospects from receiving the same email multiple times. See Can a prospect receive the same email twice for more details.
  • When testing a form with progressive profiling you will notice that you have to wait 10 minutes after submitting the form if the "Always Display" option is not enabled on the form. In order to force forms to display during the 10 minute period, you can add a URL parameter to the end of a form URL in the address bar. That URL parameter would look like this : 'PI_ALWAYS_DISPLAY=1' . In order to separate the URL from the URL parameter, you can insert a question mark (?). For example,
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