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Pardot Outlook Add-in Versus Salesforce for Outlook

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Both Pardot and Salesforce can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook, but in different ways. This article will give you brief run down of the differences between the two.

Pardot's Outlook Add-ins

Pardot's Outlook add-ins allow you to send tracked emails to prospects directly from Outlook.

When you send with Pardot from Outlook:

  • Links in your emails will be rewritten with a unique URL and tracked in Pardot.
  • Pardot creates a new prospect record with the prospect's name and email address, allowing you to begin building out that prospect profile.
  • If you've integrated Pardot with a CRM, a new lead will be created in the CRM.
  • If the prospect already exists in the Pardot or your CRM, the email will be added as an activity to that prospect's record.
  • Prospects can be assigned to any campaign you choose. If no campaign is selected, prospects will be added to a default campaign called "Email Plug-in".
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Salesforce for Outlook

Salesforce for Outlook allows you to:
  • Sync Contacts, Events, and Tasks back and forth between Salesforce and Outlook.
  • Add Emails, Events, and Tasks to multiple contacts and one other record that allows activities (like a case) in Salesforce.
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