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What happens in Pardot when leads or contacts are deleted in Salesforce?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 | Print this Article

This article covers what you should know about how deleting leads and contacts in Salesforce is handled in Pardot.

Deleting a Lead or Contact

In Salesforce, you can remove a lead or contact from your views by deleting it. When you delete a lead or contact in Salesforce, the record is moved to Salesforce's Recycle Bin. Associated notes , attachments, and activities are deleted along with the lead or contact.

If the Salesforce Merge and Delete setting is enabled, Pardot will also delete the corresponding prospect record. If you undelete the record, any related notes , attachments, and activities are also restored.

Note: In accounts that allow multiple prospects with the same email address, the Salesforce Merge and Delete setting is enabled by default and cannot be edited.

If a lead or contact is deleted in Salesforce, Pardot will stop syncing with the record and flag the record as [[crm_deleted]]. This flag tells Pardot to not re-create that lead or contact in Salesforce, and the Salesforce icon will no longer appear next to the prospect's name. If you attempt to manually sync the prospect, you will get an error message: Deleted from CRM: This prospect (xxx) has previously been deleted in your CRM and will not be resynced.

Removing the [[crm_deleted]] Flag

Any of the following actions remove the [[crm_deleted]] flag and make a prospect eligible for syncing again:

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