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Adding Send to Pardot and Send Pardot Emails to Salesforce Layouts

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The Send to Pardot button makes it easy to add Salesforce leads or contacts to Pardot if they do not already exist there. It will create a new record in Pardot, based on email address, and update all corresponding data points. If the record already exists in Pardot, no harm done — it will not create a duplicate but will sync. If you have the setting to “Automatically create prospects in Pardot if they are created in Salesforce” you may not want to have this button installed.

Note: Users must be SSO-enabled to use Send to Pardot.

The Send Pardot Email button allows your Salesforce users assigned the Pardot permission set to send a Pardot tracked email from inside of Salesforce. The users can send a free form tracked email, or use a marketing approved Pardot email template to send to a lead or contact. See more information here.

Be sure to repeat these steps for Leads and Contacts!
  1. Log into Salesforce with appropriate administrative rights.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Navigate to Build > Customize > Leads > Page Layout. This is similar to the process you used to insert your custom fields.
  4. Click Edit Page Layouts.
  5. In Lead Layout box at top of page, select Buttons. (Fields will be the default selection.)
  6. Select the Send to Pardot button and drag it into the Custom Buttons box.
  7. Select the Send Pardot Email button and drag it into the Custom Buttons box.
  8. Select Save or Quick Save.
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 for Contacts to add this button to the Contact layout also.

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