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GoToWebinar Connector Overview

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Pardot syncs bidirectionally with Citrix GoToWebinar to seamlessly register attendees for events, report on attendance, and display and score activity all from within the Pardot marketing automation system.

The GoToWebinar Connector can do the following:
  • Register prospects for GoToWebinar events from Pardot forms via completion actions
  • Display registrations and attendance as activities in the prospect record and score them
  • Report on registrations and attendance for GoToWebinar events
  • Automatically pull in prospects who exist in GoToWebinar but not yet in Pardot (see Notes section below for more details)

Setting up the GoToWebinar Connector

  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click + Add Connector.
  3. Click GoToWebinar from the list of webinar connectors.
  4. Enter your Username (email address) – Your connector user must be an organizer with the GoToWebinar function enabled (you can tell if GTW is enabled under Manage Organizers, if there is a blue GTW icon next to the organizers name).
  5. Optional: you can disable Create prospects in Pardot if they don’t exist. When Pardot receives a list of registrants and/or attendees for a webinar, if the checkbox is checked and the prospects do not exist in Pardot, they will be created as a prospect (this is retroactive for all time).
    • If you are using Pardot forms with Webinar completion actions then this doesn’t apply as the prospect will always be created in Pardot.
    • Upon verification, only prospects who are registered for upcoming webinars will sync to Pardot; prospects from past webinars are not accessible through the GoToWebinar API
  6. Select a Campaign to assign to any prospects that are created via attendee syncing with GoToWebinar. We suggest something generic like “GoToWebinar Sync”. This is similar to prospects that are auto-created by being pulled down from your CRM (if applicable) or email plug-in.
  7. Click Create connector to save your settings.
  8. Your GoToWebinar connector will now appear in the table but will be unverified. Click Verify to authenticate it.
  9. You will authenticate the connector via OAuth (in GoToWebinar, which opens in your browser) just as you would authenticate a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook account. There is no need to type your credentials into Pardot.
  10. Once you receive the green check mark, you have successfully verified the connector.
  11. Repeat steps 3-11 for your other GoToWebinar connectors as you can set up multiple GoToWebinar connectors in your Pardot account.
GoToWebinar Connector

Registering a Prospect via a Pardot Form

If prospects register via the GoToWebinar form, Pardot will only be able to sync email address, first name, and last name for the new prospect. You can sync more information about your prospects by using a Pardot form for webinar registration.

Registering prospects for a webinar using a Pardot form is as easy as adding the Register for webinar completion action to a form and selecting an upcoming event (past events will not be displayed in the dropdown). See Form Wizard Overview if you need help with this step. The autoresponder, or confirmation email, should be set up in GoToWebinar and it will send confirmation and the login credentials. You don't need to set up a Pardot autoresponder.

Prospect Activity

Registration and actual attendance will both be displayed on the prospect record as activities. These activities include the following:
  • Registered: Prospect has submitted a registration form linked to the webinar
  • Accepted: Prospect has confirmed registration by clicking a confirmation link in the GoToWebinar registration email. 
  • Attended: Prospect attended the webinar. 

Prospect Activity - GoToWebinar
Scores for these activities can be set in Admin > Automation Settings Scoring Rules.


Once you have enabled the connector, navigate to ReportsWebinars to view both your upcoming webinars and those that have finished. The numbers of prospects who registered, attended, and were absent can all be drilled into by clicking on them. You can then see a list of prospects to export, segment into a list, or tag.

Special Considerations for Prospects Whose Records Have Been Merged

Registering Prospects whose records have been merged are handled differently, based on what method you're using to register them. If you are registering Prospects for webinars using Pardot forms:
  • Prospect A and Prospect B are the same person, but have given you different email addresses:
  • You merge the two records with Prospect A as the "master."
  • Prospect B returns and registers for a webinar using his "B" email.
  • Pardot will create a new Prospect record for Prospect B and register him for the webinar as Prospect B.
  • The activity will be in Prospect B's record in Pardot.
If you are registering Prospects for webinars using GoToWebinar forms:
  • Prospect A and Prospect B are the same person, but have given you different email addresses:
  • You merge the two records with Prospect A as the "master."
  • Prospect B returns and registers for a webinar using his "B" email.
  • This registration information is sent to Pardot from GoToWebinar.
  • Pardot checks to see if an existing Prospect has the same email address.
  • There is no existing Prospect with this "B" email address (because of the merge).
  • Pardot looks through merged Prospects to see if there is a matching email address.
  • We recognize "B" in the merged Prospect records.
  • Pardot sees that Prospect B has been merged with Prospect A.
  • Pardot associates the webinar registration with Prospect A.

GoToWebinar Polling Intervals

Pardot will check for new webinar registrants and changes to existing webinars according to the following schedule:
  • If the webinar begins between 1-2 weeks from now, we'll poll it every 30 minutes
  • If the webinar begins between 2-3 weeks from now, we'll poll it every hour
  • If the webinar begins in three or more weeks, we'll poll it every two hours

GoToWebinar Sync Times

  • New webinars sync to Pardot in 10 minutes. 
  • Historic webinars and prospects sync to Pardot in 10 minutes.
  • Registrations (via Pardot forms) sync to GoToWebinar in 10 minutes.


  • You can use prospect attendance status in automation rules and dynamic lists. See the Automation Rule Criteria Reference table for more information. 
  • The Pardot GoToWebinar connector integrates with GoToWebinar (not GoToMeeting or GoToAssist).
  • When prospects register via a Pardot form, they will still receive GoToWebinar's reminder and registration emails.
  • Cancelled registrations are not reflected in Pardot.
  • In order for prospect records to be created with complete form field information, the prospect must register for the GoToWebinar event via the Pardot Form. If prospects register via the GoToWebinar form, Pardot will only be able to sync email address, first name, and last name for the new prospect. No other fields will be synced from the GoToWebinar form, due to GoToWebinar's API restrictions.
  • Email, First Name, and Last Name are required fields in order for GoToWebinar to register a new user to an event. When creating a Pardot form to register a prospect for a webinar, you must, at a minimum, include these three required fields to successfully register the prospect for a webinar.
  • Filtered prospects will not be registered for a webinar through a Pardot form since "Register for a webinar" is a completion action and Pardot prospects who are filtered do not have completion actions applied to them. To still register your filtered prospects for the webinar, either remove the filter (not necessarily recommended, especially if it is useful for other report filtering) or have the filtered prospects (most likely they are your employees) register through the GoToWebinar registration form itself.


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