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Training Environment FAQ

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Pardot Training Environments are complimentary to existing customers as a second account for testing and training. Although bulk email sending is disabled in test accounts, all other Pardot functionality is available.

Is a Training Environment a sandbox?

No. Each Pardot account is completely independent. Moving items from a Training Environment to another Pardot account is not possible — items must be manually recreated. However, you can export and import prospects and users, and copy-paste HTML code for layout and email templates.

Can I send emails with my Training Environment?

Training Environments cannot send regular list emails, one-to-one emails, drips, or automation-based emails. However, they can send list emails to test lists, autoresponders, and system emails.

What happens to my Training Environment when I'm finished with it?

Pardot automatically archives the Training Environment at the end of your request duration. If you need more time, you'll need to request more time via email before your Training Environment expires.

How do I log in to a Training Environment?

How you log in to a Training Environment depends on how you want us to set up your account. You have two options:

Option 1: We can make your existing Pardot account an agency and the new Training Environment account will be a child account below it. This allows all administrator users in your existing Pardot account to access the Training Environment account using single sign-on (there will be a dropdown for both accounts in the top left-hand corner).

Option 2: You can use a unique email to set up the Training Environment account. With this option, only users with seats in the Training Environment can access it — this is useful if you don't want all of your administrator users to have access. You'll have to log into Pardot separately to access the Training Environment account. If you add users to the Testing Environment, they'll need to use different email addresses from the ones in your main Pardot account.

Note: If you plan on using the Training Environment for testing with Salesforce — Pardot users must have unique email addresses (different from your main Pardot account) to map to CRM users.

How do I request a Training Environment?

Current Pardot customers can use this form to request a training environment.

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