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Using Profiles to Grade Prospects

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015 | Print this Article
All prospects start with a grade of D. Before assigning leads, your lead qualification team should grade them so that your sales reps know how to properly prioritize them based on how well they fit your organization's ideal customer profile.

Manually Matching Prospect Profile Criteria

When viewing a prospect record, their profile criteria will be listed in Profile tab. Simply click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons to designate whether or not the prospect matches or does not match your criteria. If you do not know, you can leave the criteria unanswered. When you reload the page or view the prospect again, the grade will have changed.

Note: To modify your prospect's profile criteria once the thumbs up or thumbs down has been clicked, simply click the Reset next to the profile criteria.

Using Automation Rules to Grade Prospects

You can also use automation rules to grade your prospects. For instructions and examples, see Using Automation Rules to Grade Prospects.

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