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Things to Know Before Activating Your CRM Connector

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2017 | Print this Article

This article walks through some of the more important things you need to know about CRM syncing before you activate your CRM connector.

If you use Salesforce, see Things to Know Before Activating the Salesforce Connector for Salesforce-specific information.

How Syncing with the CRM works

Syncing fields between the CRM and Pardot

  • Your CRM will be the master record for any data conflicts, except for the following fields: Pardot Campaign, Pardot Comments, Pardot Created Date, Pardot Last Activity, Pardot Score, Pardot Grade.
  • You can set your Pardot custom fields as the master by following these steps:
    1. Navigate to Admin > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields.
    2. Mark Overwrite value in CRM while editing the custom field.
  • Your CRM will also populate any blank Pardot fields if the CRM has that data and Pardot does not.
  • Updates to prospect fields made by the CRM could trigger Pardot automation rules if there are rules set up related to those fields/that data.
  • Any prospects that are assigned to a user in Pardot will be automatically created as a new CRM Lead, unless there is already an existing Contact or Lead record with the same email. Click here for information on how existing records are synced.

CRM users

  • Any users with assigned prospects in Pardot should have a CRM Username selected in their user settings. If you are assigning leads to someone in Pardot, they should have a CRM seat too. The CRM Username should be designated in Pardot prior to CRM syncing. If this is not done, the prospects could be assigned to a different user in the CRM once the sync occurs. If the assigned user does not have their CRM username designated the prospect will by default be assigned to the CRM connector user.
  • For Pardot accounts with a verified Salesforce connector, please see Integrating Assignments with Salesforce for more information on assignment options in Salesforce as well as assignment syncing scenarios when a CRM Username is not selected in Pardot.
  • Anyone who has a seat in Pardot can see the Pardot activity iframe in the CRM. They will need to login with their Pardot credentials to see the activities in this CRM panel.
  • Anyone who is a user in the CRM can see Pardot fields in the CRM record.

Pardot activities and email syncing

All Pardot activities (including page views, form completions, site searches, emails, etc.) can be seen in the Prospect Activities window in the prospect's CRM record, but only emails can be created as a CRM activity/task.
  • In Salesforce, Pardot will log an email in the activity section of the CRM record when sending out a list email or a one-to-one email using the Pardot plugin.
  • Email syncing can be enabled and disabled by editing your CRM connector settings:
    1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors > Edit your CRM connector.
    2. Mark or unmark options for syncing emails to the CRM. See this article for more information on connector settings. Note: Disabling these options will not retroactively remove emails that have already been pushed to the activity section in the CRM.

Prospect syncing

  • Pardot syncs on the individual level (not the company level).
  • Pardot syncs according to email address. The prospect MUST have the same email in Pardot and the CRM to sync correctly.
  • If there are duplicate prospects in the CRM (with the same email address), Pardot will sync with the first record it comes across - meaning it will not be based on activity or created date.
  • If a prospect record already exists in the CRM, Pardot will not create duplicate leads.  It will sync with the pre-existing CRM Contact or Lead. The prospect syncing process works like this:
    1. Pardot checks for an existing CRM Contact record with the same email address.
    2. If there is no match in Contacts, Pardot checks in Leads.
    3. If there is no match in Leads, and the prospect is assigned in Pardot, then Pardot creates the prospect as new CRM Lead.
    4. If the prospect is not assigned in Pardot, the prospect will not sync with the CRM until it's assigned in Pardot. At that point, a lead will be created in the CRM.

Questions to Ask before Setting up Your Connector

  • Do you have email notifications set up for your sales team - related to visitors, assigned prospects, and/or prospect activity?
  • Do you have any automation rules in place that are assigning leads and may affect the syncing process? Or automation rules based on a prospect default or custom field that may be updated when the sync occurs?
  • How will you assign leads to sales reps? Do you have automation rules in place to do this?
  • Will the sales team see value in having the connector enabled? Is there enough meaningful prospect activity to be helpful to them?
  • Has sales training been completed? Do sales users understand how to use the data/additional insight?

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