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Merging Prospects

Last Updated: May 05, 2016 | Print this Article
Pardot has the option to manually merge up to three prospects at a time.

Know Before You Merge

  • If any of the merged prospects have been affected by an automation rule, the resulting prospect will be marked as having already been affected and cannot have that rule affect it again. This is a safety measure to prevent a rule from running on an individual too many times.
  • The resulting prospect will inherit the drip program history of any of its merged prospects and will start at the farthest possible step (e.g. if merged prospect A is on step 3 of a drip and prospect B is on step 2, the resulting prospect will start at step 3). Again, this is a safety measure to prevent the resulting prospect from receiving a drip action that it already has passed through.
  • The activities of the merged prospects will be aggregated and the resulting prospect will have its score calculated during the merge.
  • If the prospect returns to your site and completes a Pardot form with the non-master email address that you already merged into another record, Pardot will create a new record for the prospect.

How to Merge Prospects

  1. Navigate to Prospects > Prospect List.
  2. Locate the prospects you want to merge, and multi-select them by marking the boxes next to Name. You can merge up to three prospects at a time.
  3. Select Merge from the dropdown.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Mark one of the prospects as the Master Record.
  6. Select any Fields, Custom Fields, Lists, and Tags the prospect should keep.
  7. Click Merge Prospects.
Once a merge occurs, the non-master prospects are completely wiped out of Pardot -- not placed in the recycle bin -- so caution should be taken when using this feature. Pardot will email you once the merge is complete.

This video will walk you through the basics of merging prospects. Click here to expand the video.

CRM Syncing

If the non-master Pardot record is syncing with the CRM, once it is merged into the master Pardot record, we stop syncing the non-master record with the CRM. We treat the Pardot record as deleted so no updates to that CRM record will be pulled into Pardot. Instead the syncing occurs through the master record and its corresponding CRM record. If the master record has not yet synced with the CRM, no syncing will occur until the master record is assigned in Pardot and pushed to the CRM.

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