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Recency and Frequency Rule Type

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2016 | Print this Article

The Recency and Frequency rule type allows you to quickly query your prospect database to generate a list of prospects who have been contacted by you recently. Knowing the recency and frequency of your latest email sends at the prospect level allows you to space your email sends appropriately to avoid marketing fatigue.


The Recency and Frequency rule type is available for dynamic lists. Use it to create a constantly refreshing suppression list that records prospects who meet your email sending threshold. As a best practice, only use this list as a suppression list for your email sends. Please note that this rule type excludes one-to-one emails, auto-responder emails and emails sent using an email plug-in.

To use the rule type:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Lists.
  2. Click +Add List.
  3. Mark Dynamic List.
  4. You will see Dynamic List Rules. This is where you will specify the criteria that prospects should meet in order to be added to the dynamic list.
  5. From there you can select the Match Type:
    • Match All – All aspects of the rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s).
    • Match Any – Only one aspect of the rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s).
  6. Add the Recency/Frequency logic.
    • Prospect has been emailed at least :: X :: times in the last :: X :: days/weeks

Email Recency and Frequency Rule Type

This functionality creates a suppression list of people who have been emailed a certain amount of times in a certain time period (days and weeks).


  • This functionality excludes one-to-one emails, autoresponder emails, Engage Campaigns, and emails sent using an email plug-in.
  • A "day" is counted as the period of time between 12am-11:59pm of the user's timezone.
  • If the dynamic recency/frequency suppression list is used in a drip campaign, it will only "pause" the email from going out to the suppressed prospects. Once the affected prospects are removed from the recency/frequency suppression list when their time period is up, they will resume the drip program and begin receiving the paused emails.
  • You can send emails to the recency/frequency suppression list, but we strongly discourage that as a best practice. Instead, use this list as a suppression list to avoid marketing fatigue.
  • There is a small window between the time an email is sent and the time a prospect matches the email recency and frequency rules. If another email is sent prior to prospects being picked up by the recency and frequency dynamic list, prospects will receive both emails. Adding a 10 minute buffer between email sends should give prospects ample time to be picked up by the recency and frequency suppression list.
  • If your account has multiple prospects with the same email address, this rule type will account for all list emails sent to any prospects with that email address. For example, if Prospect A and Prospect B have the same email address, and you sent each record 2 emails in the last 3 days, the recency and frequency rule type would evaluate that as 4 emails sent in the last 3 days.

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