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Twilio Connector Overview

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2016 | Print this Article

Twilio is a service that allows you to instantly follow up with prospects via phone. When a prospect submits a form, your selected user will get a phone call, much like a Pardot email alert, that will inform them of the form submission and give them the option to connect with the prospect by phone (if a phone number is present in Pardot). This feature is most useful for items such as a test drive or a contact us form, where a quick response time would be appreciated by the prospect.

To use the Twilio connector, you'll need to start a Twilio account. Twilio is a pay-as-you-go service.


  1. Navigate to Admin > Connectors.
  2. Click + Add Connector.
  3. Click Twilio.
  4. Enter your Twilio account information.
  5. Click Create connector to activate the service.

Using the Twilio Connector on your Website

  1. You will need to choose which forms should use the Twilio service. Create a new form, or edit an existing form.
  2. Under Step 4 - Completion Actions, check the Notify user via Twilio (phone) of form submission box.
  3. Select the user you'd like to notify.

Tracking Twilio Activity

Twilio activities will appear in a Twilio Calls box on the prospect's profile. The record will show any notifications as well as any connected calls. Click "View Details" to see more information about each call.

International Numbers

In order for Twilio to recognize international numbers, they must begin with a + followed by the country code (e.g. +44 for the United Kingdom).

Phone Extensions

Twilio can also place calls to extensions. The system will recognize any extension preceded by the letters ext. For example, both 404-492-6845 ext 112 and 404-492-6845 ext. 112 would be valid.

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