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Advanced Automation Rules Topics

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Rule Groups

Users can create more complex rules by leveraging rule groups.
Rule groups allow users to combine multipart rules that would have previously required two separate rules to accomplish the same goal. When creating an automation rule with rule groups, you can set an overall match type for your rule as well as match types for individual groups.

Run Automation rule based on Salesforce campaign statuses

Sometimes you might want to add a prospect to a list or drip based on a campaign status change within Salesforce. You can can set triggers in Pardot based off of a prospect's Salesforce campaign status using campaign rules!


Create Salesforce task from an Automation Rule

Just like completion actions on forms, files, etc. users can can create Salesforce tasks via automation rules.

Please note that if you try to create a Salesforce task on a Prospect whose corresponding Lead or Contact record is assigned to a group or queue, and assign the task to Assigned User or CRM Owner, it will fail. Salesforce does not allow a task to have an owner that is a group or a queue.

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