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Customizing User Email Signatures

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2015
Pardot users can customize email signature content that can be included in newsletters and automated emails.

Add user signature to user profile

To use custom email signatures, you must create signature content:
  1. Navigate to your email address > Settings > Edit my user information.
  2. Scroll down to HTML Email Signature and enter content.
  3. Scroll down to Text Email Signature and enter content.
  4. When finished, click Save User.
User Signature

Include the user signature in emails

To include this signature information in an email, there are two variable tags that you can use – %%user_html_signature%% and %%user_text_signature%%. You can add these tags to any email from the Variable Tag button in the email content's WYSIWYG menu, or by manually typing them in the editor.

Note: if the %%user_html_signature%% is used within the subject line or in the text version of an email, the HTML source, including HTML tags, will show as text.

Variable Tag Signature


  • These tags only populate when the sender of your email is a Pardot User (selected on step 3 of Email Flow). If the sender is a General User or if the assigned user has no signature information, User HTML Signature and User Text Signature tags will be omitted from the email when sent.
  • Also, depending on if the prospect is assigned (or not) and the “Make the ‘From’ address the prospect’s assigned user” option is enabled (or not), the user signature tags will populate differently. For more information, click here and view the “If From Name/Email = User” section.